Date Night Box was created and developed by a real couple from Austin, Texas - Luke McCool and Meghan May.

However, Date Night Box didn't start out as the product that you know and love today. 

Luke & Meghan had been dating for several years when they realized that they had a big problem. They were struggling to keep their relationship fresh, exciting, and were feeling as through they had fallen into a bit of a rut.

Date Night's consisted of the same old dinner, movie, dinner, movie, and so on. Due to this cycle, they were starting to feel like they were just going through the motions​

They knew that in order to keep their connection strong they needed to prioritize new, shared experiences together. They wanted to break free from their predictable routine and inject creativity and excitement into their life and relationship.


To facilitate this, they came up with the idea of writing down different and exciting date ideas on popsicle sticks and placing them into a jar. Then, on Monday nights, their chosen committed date night, they would pull out a stick and commit to doing whatever the date idea said.

(You can see this exact jar below)

This approach allowed them to have fun, be spontaneous, and share new experiences together, while also taking the pressure off of planning and decision-making. They found that by doing this regularly, they were able to deepen their connection and learn more about each other.

They started documenting each date experience with a polaroid and placing the photo inside what they called their "Book of Dates." (Seen below)

This simple yet effective method became the inspiration for what would later become the Date Night Box.


Luke and Meghan were passionate about how a simple idea and a commitment to each other had grown their relationship, and they were eager to share their idea with others.

As they shared their date jar idea with friends and family, they quickly realized that many couples were in the same predicament, struggling to come up with fresh ideas for date night and connect with their partner on a deeper level.

They started by gifting date jars to their closest friends and family members, and the positive feedback was overwhelming. As word spread, more and more people started asking for their own date jars, and Luke and Meghan knew they had struck a chord. The idea for Date Night Box was born.

They were inspired to create a product that would help couples all over the world reconnect and strengthen their relationships. They wanted to provide couples with fun, easy, and exciting dates they could enjoy anywhere, whether they lived in a bustling city or a quiet countryside setting.


Luke and Meghan poured their hearts and souls into developing their product, conducting months of research and development. They created a variety of creative dates tailored to different interests and preferences. ​

Finally, after months of development, Date Night Box was officially launched. The product has been responsible for countless couples reigniting the passion and adventure in their relationships.

With Date Night Box, Luke and Meghan have created a simple yet effective way for couples to prioritize their relationship and prioritize each other.